Constructing God 3

There are three important themes in the construction of “God”. There is the atomization of meaning and there is the opposite action of taking those atoms, each quantum of meaning, to construct the larger, more complete view of the world we see before us. In the first operation, we might say that we select portions of the overall meaning and enumerate everything in that portion as a “type” or a “category”, rinse and repeat until we get individual units. In the second operation, we look at the arrangement of elements on a very basic level to determine what the patterns are of how they are fitted together. That is to say that the SELECTION of meaning breaks “God” down into a SEQUENCE of categories or types or “aspects”, on the one hand. On the other hand, examining the ELEMENTs of “God” illuminates the various PATTERNs that compound, cascade, obfuscate, etc. to become the world in front of us. selection-▶sequence on the one hand. pattern◀-element on the other hand.

The third theme of course is that of ◀-aspect-▶, how the elements are arranged to express a pattern, what the algorithm of selection is that yields a sequence.

breaking down, building up, re-arranging


3 responses to “Constructing God 3

  1. Interesting and complex thinking my friend. God being infinite and with full understanding that we are finite. Is there a disrupting communication barrier between infinite and finite? Do I understand
    infinite completely infinite completely? Language is to give is a frame of reference to express connecting ideas.
    How am I to express the infinite when I am wrapped so completely in finiteness?
    Jesus is always pointing us toward unity. This oneness with a person who is infinite with a created that is finite. I find it amazing that we
    can so accurately live our lives in service and reflection of the awesome work that was done for us on the cross of Jesus.
    What do you think?

    • I think you are both a unity and an infinity, discernible but unknowable except in contrast with known things. Like a raindrop, you are bound up neatly in a size and a shape, but within that shape you are innumerable pieces and dynamics all interacting coherently to present the colorless, clear ball that we perceive. But we could not count the pieces. We could not name or even perceive all the types of interactions that take place on you.

      I don’t know that there is a God and I find it dubious that he would need feeble, Earth-bound little monkies to exalt him. It strikes me as vanity. We’re so small, so incomplete; we yearn to do or have or BE something greater. God is an easy answer.

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