Conscious Thoughts 4

—Ask a rich man what’s wrong with society; after careful deliberation and intensive and expensive analysis, he might tell you that the problem is very complex and relates to the inherent flaws within man himself, such that any system, of which man comprises a significant part, must have malignant dynamics and deficiencies that are the macroscopic expression of these flaws in the constituent . . . it’s because he has no problems.

—Ask a poor man what’s wrong with society; he’ll tell you about the pot hole he drives over every day on his way to work. He’ll tell you the police are overpaid and the staff of the library are overworked. He’ll tell you he can’t get into a university, letalone afford to attend one. He’ll tell you the price of a bus ride is ridiculous or that line “x” hardly picks up anyone and goes nowhere useful or that line “y” is overcrowded and needs to run more frequently. He’ll tell you about how some billionaire got away with stealing someone’s life savings, but that Tyrone or Jose went to jail for stealing someone’s bike. Society is not a theoretical construct to him.


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