Conscious Thoughts 6

Elitism: Jim deserves more apples than Bob, because Jim likes apples more than Bob. He gets more from an apple than Bob. He is an elite consumer of apples.

There is a problem with this idea. Let’s assume that Jim is, indeed, an elite consumer of apples and that apples taste better to him and that he can make 2 apple pies for the same amount of apples that only begets Bob 1 apple pie. How based on that assumption, we can know this: Giving Jim and Bob the same number of apples IS giving Jim more apples.

Will Bob always be a common consumer of apples?
Will Jim always be an elite consumer of apples?

Elitism: If elites need special rewards and protections so as not to be swallowed up or destroyed by the commoners, then, in what sense are they elite?


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