Conscious Thoughts 7

—Women are out of control.
—It’s not their fault. It is hard to say that, because I feel that my 3 children and myself are the victims of the circumstance. It’s not our fault, either. In fact, it is less our fault than it is theirs.
—No matter who is at fault, it should be said and acknowledged: women are out of control.
—For thousands of years, the masculine sense of economics, of what is valuable, has been the dominant decision making force in civilizations. Women were property. I wouldn’t really argue for things to stay that way, but we must understand the change, or it may destroy us, or worse, it may lead us right back to the dominance of masculine values over feminine ones.

—Women have rejected the role of nurturer in our society because nurturers are treated as 2nd class. Without anyone to fill the nurturer role, we are learning that far from being 2nd class, nurturers are actually a critical component of civilization.


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