#5 Elite

Combining the strategy of disruption with non-disruptive tactics yields a compound approach to playing games. More generally, using tactic x to accomplish strategy y yields a compound strategy. I like to call them “elite” strategies. They represent an important milestone in a player’s evolution.

Even with just a simple, straight-ahead approach to achieving an objective, there is room for variety. Disruptive, yes, but disruptive to what? Disruptive with what? Disruptive when? For how long? How disruptive, etc. But, with the interplay of strategy and tactic, there is conceivably infinite potential for variation, and thus, infinite room for more elite players to enhance their approach, although, there are possibilities like diminishing returns and trade-offs of efficiency, robustness, resilience, practicality, etc. that counteract the tendency toward increasingly elite strategies.

Given the apparently limitless potential for variation in one’s approach to implementing a strategy, it might be useful to create or discover a systematic way of compounding strategies. Just like we might find patterns in the way a leaf grows, the way a stream flows, and how the wind blows, we might also find patterns in the way we put together an approach to winning at a game.

In fact, it probably warrants quite a lot of examination and contemplation.


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