#6 War Crime

Not all “disruption” that takes place is “in-game”. Or, rather, not all disruption that takes place in A game serves a purpose in THAT game. It may be that multiple “games” are running simultaneously, in the same place, with the same “players”.
The clearest example of this is the mating game. Often, other games or activities are overlayed onto this game to obscure what is really going on. Those other games and activities can vary from a simple game of checkers to an entire college career. What drives an individual to participate in any game is not always and not entirely clear. Men, especially, have been known to do dangerous, bold, and/or extravagant things to capture the attention of a woman, such that it might seem like he was climbing a mountain or winning a race or even conquering the world, but maybe he was really just declaring his worthiness to a woman or to women in general.

In light of this potential duality, it is easy to understand that not every action taken during a game of war is strictly an act of war. People are driven by myriad internal motivations, some of which drive them to war in the first place, some of which lead them to do things, in war, in peacetime, in games or out of them. These actions are not always consistent with the external context the individual faces, but, these decisions and actions are ALWAYS consistent with the “internal context” that IS the individual. And, understanding games is easy, but understanding individuals, from the standpoint of being a different, separate individual, might be impossible.

Sometimes games are a mask that we place on reality to determine the truth. Sometimes, games are a mask that we place on reality to hide what is true, what is truly happening.


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