Conscious Thoughts 28

Here’s the funny thing: we think time flows continuously. We are under the impression that 6:01 immediately follows 6:00, but there is nothing that necessitates that. Quite the opposite. What we perceive as the flow of time is only a phenomenon as long as we are traversing the moments in a logical sequence. Our sentience is presumed to exist based on our ability to make sense of this flow. But we don’t know what happens between the moments. It may be that an ocean of time separates the two states that comprise “6:00” and “6:01”. Just as you may shut your computer down and before doing so, save the state of it so that when you turn it back on, it picks up right where it left off, so too might the universe be skipping discontinuously through its states, just as quantum mechanics declares is possible. It may not be that 6:01 directly follows 6:00, but that 6:01 is logically or quantum mechanically bound to 6:00 in some sense, and that we are some sort of mechanism for perceiving this relationship between them. We may miss the entire ocean of moments between them because we are not honed to experience them, or rather, the mechanism that gives rise to our existence is not honed to incorporate those other moments into its creation, us, our consciousness.


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